Quality Pet Foods

Feeding your pet a high quality food that's made in the USA from wholesome American ingredients doesn't have to cost a lot.

The Quality Pet Foods I sell are made by Fromm Family or American Natural Premium right here, in Wisconsin - and are exactly what I feed my own animals.

Formulated with care to meet your pet's nutritional needs, they also appeal to their tastes. These select products are meat-based and do not contain corn or wheat, which are used as filler ingredients in many other pet foods and can cause allergies or digestive issues. Fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs and even Wisconsin cheese, along with other healthful ingredients mean you can feel confident you are providing a wholesome, quality food for your dog or cat.

Pet foods are available at my shop by appointment, only. For your conveinence, established customers can place advance orders for their pet food, online. Generally, I receive a fresh supply, every three weeks. Special requests can be ordered to suit your needs. For current prices, please call or email.

Direct inquiries to Loretta Baughan email:

or call 715.218.2427

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